Mike Tyson Says Jamie Foxx Will Portray Him in Biopic


To tell the true story of Mike Tyson the movie would have to be like 12 hours long. But, it does appear his story will be coming to the big screen with an Oscar winning actor as the lead.

Here is what Tyson had to say via The Guardian.

The former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson has claimed that Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx is set to play him in a new biopic, through the magic of CGI. Tyson told the Daily Mirror that Foxx would portray him in different stages of his life, aided by the technology used for the David Fincher fantasy The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. He also claimed Martin Scorsese would be involved in the proposed biopic.

“Me and Jamie Foxx are in discussion, and we gonna do it,” said Tyson, 48. “Within a year to 18 months, we’re going to do the Mike Tyson story and he’s going to portray me, and now they have this new animation; because you know Jamie’s pretty much my age so he can’t portray me but they have this new system.”

Foxx has allegedly already started to train in preparation for the film.

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  • Jamie Foxx is a great actor, but I don’t think he can do a better job than Michael Jai White.

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