MLB Network’s Hall Of Fame Coverage Gets Record Ratings


Good sign for MLB and the Hall of Fame. After the embarrassment from last year with not a single living player getting into the Hall of Fame, and the LeBatard saga, MLB has bounced back.

This year’s televised coverage of the HOF inductions on MLB Network drew 516,000 viewers–not bad considering this a 411% increase from last year’s induction–but again, no one still on Earth got in.  When you consider the fact most of the regular season games on Fox Sports 1 and MLB Network draw around that number, if not less, this is quite the home run.

Still, before MLB can go running around the metaphorical bases, one has to remember who got in. Inductees like Greg Maddux, Joe Torre, Frank Robinson and Tony La Russa–among others, helps boosts ratings.

[Awful Announcing]