Paul George Wants to Become a More Physical Post Player


Paul George game-time decision.

Paul George is on the brink of becoming a superstar, but he’s missing one key piece to his overall game.  George is not the killer down on the post that some would like him to be, but that’s all about to change.

George told the Indy Star that his intention is to punish defenders in posts up situations from now on.  

“I plan on being a lot more physical this year,” the Indiana Pacers small forward said. “I really plan on taking contact and wanting to get contact and finishing through contact. That’s the next step for me.”

In his postseason meeting with reporters, Pacers President of Basketball Operations Larry Bird said he would like to see George post up more. “Get down in the post. Take some of these younger guys down there and work out of the post, not only to score but to create double teams and opportunities for his teammates to have better looks at the basket,” Bird said.

“I got a chef helping me on what I put in my body,” George said. “It’s been night and day as far as my performance on the court. That’s been the key for me working on my body. No more McDonald’s.”

George is 6-9, but he’s only 220 pounds as well.  Some added muscle and post move would go a long way towards putting him in elite company.


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