Carmelo: “I Don’t Expect to Win a Championship Next Year”

Carmelo Anthony Struggle Face

I am not going to bash Carmelo Anthony for being honest. Even though you can never say never, the chances of Knicks winning a Championship next year are about as good as my chances of having an affair with Beyonce (might slightly increase if she broke up with Jay).

Melo could have went with the political correct answer, but he decided to be blunt in his assessment of the Knicks situation when he spoke to Raul Alzaga of

“I do not expect to win a championship this year. That’s something that takes time and everything has to be in sync, from management to players. We have much work to do, but something that drives me. I know we can start creating the foundation of what we do. It’s the start of a good process, “said Anthony. “Next year we will have enough money to spend within the salary cap. But this year it is important to take the necessary steps towards those who will in the next year. I want to concentrate on building what we want from this year. “

If Melo wanted a realistic chance of winning a title next year he would have signed with Bulls or Rockets. If Kevin Love gets traded to Cavs and LeBron is serious about never leaving, it will be very difficult for the Knicks to be in championship contention over the next few year even as they clear up their salary cap mess.

It could be multiple years before another legit superstar would consider making the move to MSG, so Carmelo got his money, but he might never get his ring.