Kobe Says He and Lebron are Underpaid

Lebron and Kobe

The Lakers signed Kobe Bryant to a 2-year $48.5 million dollar contract which many believe has stifled the club financially, but if you ask him, he and players like Lebron James are still underpaid.

Some may think it’s taboo for a professional basketball player who makes more in a year than most will make in their lifetime to say he doesn’t make enough money, but Bryant makes a good point. Relative to the income they generate for their respective franchises he and especially Lebron are “underpaid.”

H/T: CBS Sports

One thought on “Kobe Says He and Lebron are Underpaid


    Underpaid are the teachers, police and doctors of our society.

    Athletes and actors are grossly OVERPAID for what they do

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