Mayweather Gets Bathed Coming To America Style (Video)

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Floyd Mayweather has definitely outdone all of his previous antics with this latest Instagram video. Mayweather posted the video early this morning showing one of his several women giving him bath a la Prince Akeem from Coming to America. The fact that the woman in the video even agreed to do this is mind boggling to me, but when fancy cars and millions of dollars are involved, most people than not would gladly sacrifice their dignity and self-respect I suppose.

[h/t Jocks & Stiletto Jill]

2 thoughts on “Mayweather Gets Bathed Coming To America Style (Video)

  • I don’t care what he does in his private life but why does he have to post this……well whatever

  • SHIIIISH I wash his back he may be money now but he will always be Pretty boy floyd to me.

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