Steve Nash Describes Kobe as a “Motherf*cking A**hole”

Steve Nash Sad

I think everyone would agree with this assessment even Kobe Bryant. SI’s Chris Ballard did a long feature on Kobe and how he is coming to the end of this career. A documentary about Kobe was being filmed at the time and part of that was asking teammates and opponents what they thought of Kobe and Nash went the 100% honest route.

During filming, Chopra interviewed a number of Bryant’s teammates, current and former, and he asked them to describe Bryant in three words. After each interview Kobe would text Chopra, eager to hear what people said. Most answered with some variation of “the ultimate competitor” or “killer instinct.” But when Chopra asked Steve Nash, he said something different. After thinking for a moment, Nash answered, slowly, in three beats: “Mother .?.?. f—— .?.?. a——.”

Kobe thought this was awesome.

Of course, Kobe thought it was awesome. Love him or hate him, his greatest gift and curse is his obsessive nature toward winning.

Haters and stans are going to miss him when he is gone.


3 thoughts on “Steve Nash Describes Kobe as a “Motherf*cking A**hole”

  • And who did Kobe learn to be an a**hole and a fantastic ball player from? The biggest a**hole in the history of American sports; Jordan!

  • While Steve Nash is absolutely correct about Kobe, we need more like him (Kobe), winning above popularity. Kobe has 5 championships vs 1 MVP, the MVP is a popularity contest Steve has 2 MVP’s (back to back) both undeserved and 0 championships (I think). Nash should ride gracefully into the sunset and be happy he had a great career, if Shaq had pursued winning as hard as he dis popularity we would be talking about him as the greatest ever.

    • I think you’re missing the point here. Nash wasn’t insulting Kobe. Apparently you don’t know much about Steve Nash. He has a wicked sense of humor. He also probably meant it, not because he doesn’t like Kobe, but because it’s the truth. That’s why Kobe thought it was awesome. The MVP is not a popularity contest, and Nash deserved both those MVP’s. Rings are won by teams, not individuals.

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