Syracuse Soccer Player Suspended for “F*ggot N*gger” Video

Hanna Strong Racist

Syracuse soccer player Hanna Strong was caught on camera yelling racial and homophobic slurs at one of her classmates. Strong is a Senior and plays Midfield for The Orange. The video is quite disturbing.

Strong has played in all five of SU’s games this season. As a student athlete you not only represent yourself but you represent the school that you compete for. Therefore, you are held to much higher standard than a regular student. The athletic department and the school must move swiftly and show the world that such racial intolerance will not be accepted at Syracuse, especially from their athletes.


Hanna Strong has been suspended indefinitely from the Syracuse women’s soccer team. Here is the full statement from Syracuse University Director of Athletics regarding the incident:

“We are aware of the offensive comments made last night by a member of the women’s soccer team. This type of intolerant and hurtful language, focused on both race and sexual orientation, is not part of the culture we seek to foster among our student-athletes and it has no place at Syracuse University.  
“Earlier today, this student-athlete was indefinitely suspended from the team by Coach Phil Wheddon. In addition I have been in contact with Senior Vice President and Dean of Student Affairs Rebecca Reed Kantrowitz. An active investigation is underway by the University’s Department of Public Safety and Title IX Office and their findings will be immediately reported to the Office of Students Rights and Responsibilities.

“Syracuse Athletics, as a strong and diverse part of this University community, has zero tolerance for these actions.”  

110 thoughts on “Syracuse Soccer Player Suspended for “F*ggot N*gger” Video

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    But this does make me upset whether she was provoke or not.
    Soccer has done more for me Racially (being a black person and a soccer player/enthusiast
    than The NAACP will ever do.
    the sport is literally……..everything against racism, you cant be racist and try to pursue a career in the Most Internationally diverse sport in the world.
    Be racist, get angry….Its your mouth, I’ve learned to accept not to get butthurt over stuff this like this, but when she is a face of the sport,(no matter how big or small her reputation) it kinda does make me upset and butthurt. for once.

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