Olbermann Calls Marlins Stanton Deal a Scam

Keith Olbermann Marlins

Keith Olbermann is calling shenanigans on the $325-million deal the Marlins signed Giancarlo Stanton to just days ago. The outspoken TV personality was highly critical of the Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria and how they signed a handful of players to $312-million in salary in 2012 headlined by Jose Reyes before shipping them out in a fire sale shortly thereafter. Olbermann put focus on the actual contract.


“I’m hoping you noticed it’s not a $325-million thirteen year contract, it’s a $107-million six year contract,” said Olbermann before concluding, “It’s a scam.”

He was referring to the opt-out Stanton would have in six years. Olbermann divised that salaries would only continue to go up between now and then. The last seven years of Stantons contract would come out to an average of $31-million a year. By 2021 when that kicks in, Olbermann believes salaries will already have eclipsed that number. Olbermann also spot lights the 2012 season spend and binge as example of Marlins scamming everyone.

I understand the hate of seeing a team shed salaries but 2012 was not working. So why not reset? I don’t know, maybe I’m off but why would you want to pay for a losing product instead of trying again? I say we wait and see what Marlins do next. What do you think? Is the deal a scam or a show of good faith to make Marlins winners again?