OU Frat Sings About Hanging N*ggers From Trees (Video)

Sigma Alpha Epsilon

What year is this?

2015 or 1955?

The fraternity of Sigma Alpha Epsilon at University of Oklahoma must think the latter as they enthusiastically sung this on their charter bus.  The fraternity was on their way to a date party when they decide to burst out into song.

The words if you couldn’t decipher them are.

“There will never be a n*gger SAE!” being repeated, followed by “You can hang ‘em from a tree, but they’ll never sign with me!”

There was also a second video and in this one you will hear another nigger chant while they are trying to get someone to stop recording.

The young man who is standing up on the bus really gets into it, I wonder if any of these gentlemen would be willing to sing that in front of African-American students at the University. I am not going to bemoan the fact that racism still exists in society, you already know that. But, the next you wonder why black people always feel like we are fighting an uphill battle in society just think of stories like this and 1000s others that don’t get reported.  This is what we have to put up with on a daily basis.

Think about how we can’t be sure people that are smiling in our faces aren’t secretly chanting things like this behind our backs. That is a burden we carry with us every single day of our lives.

The President of University says he is looking into the matter.

The National Chapter of the Fraternity has also spoken out.


The OU Chapter has been closed by SAE, but no word on if the school will be handing out any punishment.


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  • I’m a white guy who was fed up hearing about black people complaining about racism; however these type of acts prove our black brothers have a reason to still state their concerns. If we went to war against another country and had to fight for our country we would be dying for each other. I say screw all the racist blacks and whites and long live usa. Go usa

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