Sweden Cancels Practice Before US Game to Shop


A day after strongly criticizing some of her former United States players, Swedish coach, Pia Sundhage, is taking it one step further to show that her new squad is pretty unbothered by the impending showdown with the veteran, more high-profile US team on Friday.

According to USA Today, the Swedes were supposed to be preparing for the match, when they surprised with a “leisure day”, meaning all players were able to take the day off. Local media reported the ladies went shopping.

It’s hard to say whether the Swedes are using the time as rest from a grueling tournament, or just legitimately don’t consider the United States worthy opponent, but given their coach’s comments; I’d be willing to bet they aren’t too worried about much.

If I’m the United States, I’m using this as more bulletin board material, because come the match on Friday; what’s been said won’t really matter much anymore.

[h/t USA Today]