Here Comes The Cuts: Hard Knocks Episode 4 Review (Video)

VInce Wilfork 4On the 4th episode of Hard Knocks featuring the Texans, we got to see Hillbilly Vince Wilfork, players get cut, and more J.J. Watt antics.

Cornerback Kareem Jackson had some funny things to say about DT Vince Wilfork and his crazy get up. Wilfork wore some crazy overall’s and cowboy boots, and nothing else. Let’s not act like he’s not 350 lbs. Jackson added this.

“I haven’t seen shorts like that in a long time, except on babies. You had to get the custom made.” 

Cornerback Charles James II got a ton of camera time on this episode. He got to speak to reporter Erin Andrews before the game and was just as excited to see her as he was to see Peyton Manning last week. In addition to this, Coach O’Brien even spoke with him to discuss his potential with the Texans.

James even got to see tons of camera time during their game against the Saints. James was called for a hold but it was not him, and he made his case to the ref and won, after they realized it was a different player.


Lastly, James and Odell Beckham Jr. had a special moment, playing a game of Madden 16, who Beckham is on the cover of. It’s crazy how Odell Beckham found himself on Hard Knocks, miles away in New Jersey, but you can check out the trash talk right here.

Remember the WR “EZ” from last week? Well this week he takes his turn getting to know J.J. Watt and his sleep regime. Watt tells him that he tries to sleep 10 hours a day, and EZ is soaking it all in, trying to learn anything he can to get an advantage to make a stacked team at WR.

EZ showed us that he couldn’t swim, but still wanted to jump in the lake using a swing rope. He accomplished that fear, but did not produce on the field against the Saints.

Charles JamesJames II decided to play running back again, and was able to run for a 73-yard touchdown but it got called back for a hold. James II showed the ball to head coach O’Brien and he broke James II heart by saying it was a holding call.

The show ended with O’Brien cutting players. One of the toughest parts of the job is cutting players and O’Brien had to get the roster down to 75 players. We see Travis Lambhert get cut, a small WR that O’Brien told earlier in the episode that he might not make it because of his size. He proceeded to talk to the coach about coaching and other opportunities.

Check out the last episode of Hard Knocks next Tuesday at 10pm on HBO.