Panthers Fan Begs for Proper Etiquette During National Anthem in Letter






People seem to love sending letters to the Panthers for some reason. A new letter addressed to the team has surfaced but this time the tone is much more nicer, the fan did say “please” three times while asking them to observe the proper etiquette during the national anthem.

We will see if his request was granted prior to the game against the Seahawks Sunday.

36 thoughts on “Panthers Fan Begs for Proper Etiquette During National Anthem in Letter

    • Cut the shit. You’ve never respected guys like Newton anyway….you only respect what he or others like him can do for your favorite team. Quit fake giving a fuck.

    • Guys like cam…if you mean juvenile showboats yes. Act like you have been there before and not a punk high school kid. I expect every American to honor those that selflessly sacrificed everything. Cut the shit jamal.

    • No you expect your black players to please you in everything they do. Quit fake giving a damn. Turn off your television and stfu…

    • I guess when you look for an excuse for your failure you only look at skin color. I judge men by character.

    • You don’t judge shit by character while sitting here worshipping a flag (idolatry) and continue to judge an individual for his behavior on what YOU call sacred. YOU do NOT have the power to DEFINE THAT with individuals other than YOURSELF.

    • Naw like I said, you expect black players to behave in a way befitting to YOU. Stop bullshitting and really say what’s on your mind.

    • Most ungrateful cowards or women just say thanks for serving…..

    • No your approval is not what’s desired and your comfort level can walk off the cliff. Get over it.

    • Act as obnoxious as you want, but be a man when you get knocked down for it instead of crying racism like a bitch. Behavior has consequences.

  • Them fans don’t pay his bills. The 7 billion per year in television money, the 2 billion in merchandise, and corporate sponsors pay his bills…. They don’t whine when white QB’s don’t fake tears for a song that they have heard 3K times since per wee football… If you’re going to exercise your 1st amendment right, be a man and say what the fuck you mean and stop with this pussy subtly racist shid.

    • The fuck you talking bout if you don’t watch TV there is no money damn that’s not hard to figure out. An as for as this pussy shit this I am not if but there is no reasoning with the ignorant good day ma!

  • I cannot even begin to count the number of players I’ve seen over the years not do this. I am a division rival fan but I hope Carolina wins it all.

  • I thought the hand over the heart was for the pledge of allegiance not the the national anthem.

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