Details on Mayweather Suggesting Moscow as Host for Bout With McGregor

This would be the biggest fight in Russia since Balboa-Drago.

Mayweather is currently on a Tour party of Europe and fantasizing about a fight/payday with Conor McGrgor.  He gave insight into his thoughts on the fight’s specifics.

““At the moment we have not signed any papers, but I hope that the match will take place in June.  I want to give people the spectacle: the MMA world vs. boxing world.  This fight can be organized in Moscow.  I would choose to Moscow, if I were asked today.”

June is right around the corner and too much momentum has been building for this fight not to happen.  McGregor is looking at the biggest payday of his career, Mayweather stacks even more bread and probably notches 50-0.  The UFC on the other hand doesn’t seem to share in the enthusiasm. Bet on Mayweather-McGregor house parties and barbecues this summer.

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