Video Evidence Proves tOSU Gareon Conley’s Rape Accuser Lied About a Part of Her Story to Cops

Gareon Conley’s rape accuser told cops that the first time she met Conley was in an elevator at the Westin where he asked her if she wanted to be in a foursome.

She declined the foursome, but said she would watch instead.

She claims once she was in the room, Conley raped her. Three independent witnesses told police that Conley never had sex with her or even touched her.

A rape kit was administered and we are waiting for the results. One thing we know that is 100% false is the accuser’s account when she met Conley.

TMZ has video from the Barley House in Cleveland around 2:20 AM which shows the accuser stalking Conley in and outside the club.

Several times when Conley doesn’t appear that interested, she either taps him on the back or grabs his arm.

So, there is no way that she first met him at 2:45am in an elevator like she claimed to police. While it doesn’t prove Conley is innocent, it does prove that the accuser started off her story with a lie. Now you have witnesses who said she is a liar and video that shows she has lied at least once.

Flip the page and you can watch the video for yourself.