See How UK NFL Fan Personalized Jersey To Perfection As It Read ‘IMPEACH 45’ (Photos)


Personalized jerseys have become a fast favorite especially when people have used them to throw jabs lately. When this fan threw on his personalized jersey, he knew it would go viral and for good reasons.

This UK NFL fan might’ve sparked a movement here in the states. With all of our players making a statement and using their platforms for the greater good of this country, its only right to also go out and get this jersey. One Twitter user snapped this photo of this fan whose jersey clearly reads “Impeach 45.” In case you need the Spark Notes version of this, it’s aimed at Donald Trump. I wouldn’t be surprised if the next personalized jersey we see is directed towards Roger Goodell.

I co-sign with that jersey and any others.

Erika Fernandez is a sports reporter from NYC with a passion for sports and one proud Fordham alum. When she's not working in sports, she's busy looking at adorable puppy videos and struggling to binge on a new show while eating a baconeggandcheese with some platanos on the side. By the way, it's one word in New York.


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