Giants Fans Disrespect Flag By Yelling & Cursing at Protesting Seahawk Players During Anthem

The people who have been viciously attacking NFL players (and other athletes) kneeling/sitting, or showing any form of protest during the national anthem in the name of combating inequality & police brutality, are the textbook definition of hypocrites.

These Giants fans (& I’m certain many others) shouted and cursed Seattle Seahawks Michael Bennett & Cliff Avril…while  the national anthem was being played.

So instead of being silent and paying homage to the flag (as if this was ever what the protests were actually about), the fans intruded on the moment with their loud ass voices:

I think it’s clear to see these people could care less about the anthem in actuality. How many times before the last year & a half did they even use the words “national anthem”?

This is about the highjacking of a specific, well-articulated issue by Trump, which has in-turn riled up people who were already looking for reasons to hate black people. It’s really simple as that.

For instance, a black NHL player, J.T. Brown of the Tampa Bay Lightning, has received DEATH THREATS for silently raising his fist during the national anthem:

J.T. Brown is an American citizen. Where’s the outrage for an American Citizen (Brown was born in Minnesota), being treated this way? Where are NHL fans to rally around Brown?

Oh yeah, he’s black.

It’s all the same, and I hope people who think like these Giants fans, or like the anonymous tough guys sending social media deaths threats realize they only further show why the protests from people of color & beyond are so necessary in the first place.

16 thoughts on “Giants Fans Disrespect Flag By Yelling & Cursing at Protesting Seahawk Players During Anthem

  • Bob-o in Brooklyn and Sal in Shaolin, err, Staten Island, are showing their whole asses. This is the element that called and bitched to the Maras regarding a potential CK signing.

  • Listen I’ve been to plenty sporting events. Americans talk during the anthem, are in parking lots playing, at concession stands etc that is disrespect. I have always felt whether you stand, sit, take your hat off or not just be quiet and respect the anthem.

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