Reporter Jourdan Rodrigue Who Was Target of Cam Newton’s Sexist Comment Previously Made Racist Comments on Twitter


This doesn’t excuse Cam Newton’s comment.

It was still sexist and offensive to not just women in the media, but women in general, but to be fair a lot of people when they came to the defense of Ms. Rodrigue brought up a lot of things about Cam Newton’s past going all the way back to college.

These tweets from her where when she was in her early 20s (she is 25 now) and I don’t what she was thinking when she tweeted this, but it seems anyone who has approached her about the tweets have been blocked.

Once again these are two different issues.

They aren’t mutually exclusively, meaning it doesn’t make one person right or wrong. Cam was wrong and these tweets are horrible, both can be possible. Considering Ms. Rodrigue did nothing to bring this attention on herself, bringing up her old tweets doesn’t really change my opinion on the what Cam did, but I do have questions now.

Everyone has said very nice things about her, but until she explains the tweets there will be some that will think this is what she truly feels this way behind closed doors.

Flip the page for the tweets…



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