Urban Meyer’s Wife Shelley Tweets Showing She Doesn’t Care About Colin Kaepernick’s Protests Against Racism & Police Brutality


It is human nature to wonder if Urban thinks this as well.

People don’t always have to agree with their spouses, but this is a bad look for the Buckeyes considering the majority of their players are black.

If JT Barrett took a knee what would Shelley have to say then? A lot of good kids at Ohio State who have had to deal with racism and police brutality and she pulls out a “whatever” on Twitter to a black man being denied employment because of trying to make the world better.  She also tweets how Tebow is million times better person than Kaepernick.

She also compares Aaron Hernandez murdering people to Colin Kaepernick kneeling against racism. She is out of her mind.

Flip the pages for the tweets…



  1. Black/ African American men help feed her and her family. It would be good if all of us would listen and try to understand the protest these young men know is important . BRK

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