Wisconsin Governor Wants NFL Players to Ignore Racism & Police Brutality, But Focus on DV


The Governor of Wisconsin is the latest to speak out against players protesting police brutality and racism and instead wants them to focus on domestic violence.

Associated Press reports that Gov. Scott Walker sent a letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and Players Association Executive Director DeMaurice Smith urging them to put an end to the “divisive political sideshow” and speak out on domestic violence instead.

In other words, use the platform to speak out on a human rights issue that effects women but do not peacefully protest violence perpetuated against African-Americans by people in position of authority that are paid by tax payer dollars like himself.

All human rights are not equal. Better yet, all humans are not equal.

Perhaps Gov. Walker can get the movement started by speaking out against the President who believes it’s ok to grab women by the pussy.


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