Alabama Basketball Team Decides To Play With 3 Players After Bench Gets Ejected For Brawl & Almost Made Epic Comeback (Video)

Alabama took a couple L’s today. Of course, nothing tops Bama going down to Auburn but while all of that was happening, Bama’s basketball team was playing without a team.

NBCSports reports, there was a fight under Bama’s basket and the team left their bench. Well, everybody got ejected and so it was only down to five guys.

A few possessions after that, Dazon Ingram one of the five left, picks up his 5th foul. Now, their down to four.

A couple possessions after that, John Petty hurt his ankle and had to be carried off.

Alabama played 11 minutes with only 3 guys and get this, they only lost by five to Minnesota.

Flip the page to see how the brawl and then some 3-on-5 action.