Craig Sager’s Daughter Kacey Ethers Britt McHenry For Insulting Her Family on Twitter

Britt McHenry realized at some point her best bet to continue to have a name in media was to go the Tomi Lahren route.

It has been working as she has been all over Fox News and Fox New Radio. Being Pro Trump has its benefits, but Brittany’s people skills are still lacking a bit. We all know her attitude toward the tow truck driver, so we shouldn’t expect much.

This is low for her especially on the year anniversary of Craig Sager’s death.

Craig Sager Jr. is older than her by the way, but he wasn’t even talking to her or about her. He was minding his own business when McHenry went on a twitter rant supposedly about him getting fired for having a work relationship with an ex-GF who didn’t like what Britt was implying.

Her info was a bit sketchy and she was called out on it leading to the diss of Craig Sager Jr.

Brittany has a tendency to speak down to people for no reason at all, it is a very unattractive personality trait that she should work on, but then again that is maybe what they are looking for at Fox News.

Flip the page for the Kacy ether style takedown of her…