Floyd Mayweather’s Car Salesman Details How Much He Spends on One Oil Change And Tires For His Bugatti; More Than Some People Make in a Year (Video)

Floyd Mayweather can cop any car that he wants in the world and Buggattis are one of his favorites. Obi Okeke, Mayweather’s car salesman, told TMZ Sports that he spends a whopping $25,000 in oil changes and $35,000 for tires for his 2012 Bugatti Grand Sport Convertible.

Okeke sold this Bugatti the day before Mayweather’s fight vs Conor McGregor. In order to receive new tires for his Bugatti, they have to be shipped in from France. Okeke also noted that Mayweather is very particular when it comes to his cars so if there’s a myriad of exotic cars in one room, it takes a lot to impress him.

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