Jemele Hill Says Jamie Foxx Walking Off SportsCenter Over Katie Holmes Question Was Bizarre & Made Michael Smith Look Bad (Video)

It has been widely reported that Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes are happily dating, along with pictures of them showing affection at several locations.  If their relationship is supposed to be a secret, then it’s the worst kept secret in Hollywood.  During SportsCenter, Michael Smith interviewed Jamie Foxx before the celebrity All-Star game and asked what seemed to be an innocent question about Katie Holmes.  Jamie Foxx was not feeling the question and abruptly ended the interview and walked off camera.

TMZ caught up to Jemele Hill and she defended her former co-host, calling Foxx’s reaction bizarre and surprising because she thought everyone knew they were dating.  It’s not clear why the question about Katie Holmes triggered Foxx, but it appeared that Smith was just making playful banter with the comedian.

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