John Cena Gives his Thoughts on Daniel Bryan’s In-Ring Return (Video)

John Cena recently told TMZ Sports that Daniel Bryan has done “everything possible” to get back in the squared circle and that he couldn’t be happier for his soon to be brother-in-law.

“He’s gone through every single protocol, 10-fold,” Cena told TMZ Sports at Montage in the Beverly Hills. “He’s one of the healthiest people in WWE, and it just takes a lot of convincing of other minds that he’s that healthy.”

A team of “leading neurosurgeons, neurologists and concussion specialists” in their fields have medically cleared Bryan after almost 3 years on the sidelines due to post-concussive symptoms. Cena is on board with them giving Bryan the green light and also said no one deserves a comeback shot more than the former WWE champion.

“He worked his ass off to make that happen,” Cena said. “It is what he was born to do … he’s back where he belongs.”

Expect the leader of the “YES!” movement to make his return in the upcoming weeks.

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