Breakdown of Brock Lesnar’s New WWE Contract Illustrates Why He Didn’t Leave the Company

This is such a good deal.

It is one of the greatest contracts of all-time.

It states that WWE will pay the ex-UFC heavyweight champ $127,000 for every TV appearance he makes, even without wrestling.

But when he does pull on his ring attire the real big money kicks in — with it stating Lesnar will net $637,000 per pay-per-view fight.

Although he has renewed ties with the company, the new contract is different to his old one after he penned an “image rights” deal with the company.

This allows WWE to use his likeness for merchandising at a price of $637,000 a year.

Lesnar also receives a six per cent cut from his merchandise sales.

And it is not a fixed-term contract — which allows WWE to use and pay him when they need him.

Imagine just making $127k to just to show up, what a time to be alive.