Love & Hip-Hop’s Bridget Kelly Opens Up About Her Infidelity, Feelings on Beyonce, And Performs Songs From Her New Album: Reality Bites (Video)

You may know Bridget Kelly from her role on the reality series Love & Hip Hop. But the New York City singer-songwriter is so much more than what we see on the screen. Yes, she’s been through a lot. Public breakups, humiliation, and near fights. But, the Grammy award-winning songwriter has emerged and seems to be focused on establishing herself as an r&b songstress.

This week in NYC, Kelly appeared at Rapfest’s “The Listening” where she sat down for an intimate conversation and performed a few songs from her brand new album (released today) Reality Bites. Among the things we learned, her album title comes from the 90s film of the same name starring Winona Ryder and Janeane Garofolo. The themes explored in the movie are similar to Kelly’s album. Looking for love, finding love, and navigating love while undergoing a major change. In many ways a mirror of what is going on in Kelly’s life.

As all good artists do, Kelly gets personal in her art and opens up about her infidelity in a relationship. Those feelings are behind the track, “If I Could” watch Kelly discuss below.

During her conversation with Rapfest’s editor-in-chief Sade Graham, Kelly talked about the inspiration she takes from Beyonce, whom she calls the greatest entertainer of all time. Beyonce’s greatness and the risks she takes as a performer inspire Kelly.

Reality Bites cathartic for Kelly, she believes it will be the same for her fans, stating: “there is something on here for everybody.” The human condition and its ups and downs are what connects and binds us all, Kelly tries to let that come through on this album. When she speaks either to Sade or the audience, you can feel and hear authenticity in her voice.

Kelly believes there is a place for r&b in today’s heavy pop and commercialized music. “R&B is not dead” she exhorted to the assembled crowd during the night. Whether or not Kelly is able to make the successful transition from songwriter to r&b star singer remains to be seen. But, one thing’s for sure. She will put her heart and soul into it and let the chips fall where they may.

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