One Day After HS Teacher Was Arrested for Doing Heroin at School She Was Caught Having Sex With Student

Nothing like a heroin addict rapist teaching your kids.

One day after getting arrested for possession of heroin on campus, a Northwest Whitfield County High School teacher faces allegations of having an affair with a student.

According to a release from the Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office, investigators learned that Raquel Spencer began a romantic relationship with a student. They determined the relationship has been going on for about a year.

The charge comes a day after the sheriff’s office said Spencer brought heroin on campus. According to a previous news release, a staff member at the school said she was behaving oddly Wednesday morning. Administrators brought her to the office, and she consented to a search by a school resource officer.

The officer found a drug on her, according to the sheriff’s office. She was charged Wednesday with possession of heroin.

She was allowed to resign from her position.