BSO at Pixar: Incredibles 2 Returns After 14-Years, Elastigurl Takes Center Stage and Jack-Jack is Still Burning Up Stuff (Video)

Incredibles 2 returns after a 14-year absence since the original debuted and picks up right where we last saw the Parr family and this time, it’s Mrs. Incredible aka Helen Parr aka Elastigirl who will be leading the charge to save the world and her family.

[Slight Spoilers Ahead]

In the sequel, written and directed by Brad Bird, Helen is recruited by siblings Evelyn and Winston Deavor, owners of a company called Devtech, to join a campaign that’s meant to bring superheroes back to to the limelight. Excited to step out of the shadow of her superhero husband Bob, Helen jumps at the opportunity while the Deavors are excited to join forces with a superhero that can problem solve and save lives without the city-wide damage inducing debacles Mr. Incredible is known for.

While Helen settles into her new role as the family’s lead superhero, Bob struggles with maintaining the balance of his new domestic responsibilities, managing the day-to-day life of their ‘super’ children and keeping his own superhero aspirations at bay.

Despite an intense desire to return to the forefront of the crime-fighting action, Bob does his best to support Helen’s new position and seems to be settling into the Parr family new normal. But the more things change, the more they stay same as a new superhero rears its head that threatens to bring the whole world tumbling down.

Returning to reprise their roles, Samuel Jackson is back as Frozone with his wife ‘Honey’ still a voice in the shadows and a face that never gets seen.

(Can we see ‘Honey’ once? Is she a super? Is she a mortal? How did they meet? Maybe that will be the next Pixar short.)

In addition to his behind the lens work, Brad Bird reprises his role as Edna Mode, the costume designing legend that will keep our hero’s fashion game on point.

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