Richie Incognito Told Cops He Worked for FBI After He Threw Dumbbell at Guy at Gym; Here are Some More Wild Things He Told Cops and Where He Is Now

It was already weird that former Buffalo Bills player Richie Incognito was randomly throwing tennis balls and dumbbells at people in Lifetime Fitness Center in Florida. Well it just got weirder.

Per ESPN, when the Boca Raton police showed up at the gym, Incognito told them, “(he was) running NSA class level 3 documents through my phone.” He believed that the people were tracking him down but he didn’t have to explain anything to them because the police had no clearance. He then asked a woman to call the FBI. 

Police obtained him but did not arrest him due to the Florida’s Baker Act which “allows for involuntary psychiatric commitment for people seen as a danger to themselves or others.

Besides the outrageous things he was saying, his hands were shaking and jump around out of no where. Incognito tod police that he took “Shroom Tech”, an over-the-counter supplement.

He is currently at a Florida mental hospital under psychiatric evaluation.

They might want to take that Shroom Tech off the shelf.