Ronda Rousey on What is More Important at The Moment Having Babies or Her WWE Career (Video)

Ronda Rousey is known for UFC and her new career with wrestling. But what about having kids in the near future, according to TMZ Sports who caught up with her in New York City that was brought to her attention. First, she has a match coming up against Nia Jax, at the “Money in the Bank” Pay-Per-View next month in Chicago.

Outside of the ring, Rousey has been married for a little over a year with Travis Browne, perhaps it’s that time…

Rousey was asked about if she’s having baby fever, she replied,

“Soon, someday soon.”

Nia Jax versus Ronda Rousey is happening June 17 in Chicago. For now the baby is on hold, but who knows what’s in store for 2019.