Rams Have to Pay Reggie Bush a Whole Lot of Money Because of Their Former Crappy Stadium (Video)

Former NFL running back Reggie Bush retired in December 2017 and will receive one more check. This check has nothing to do with his former teams owing him money.

Back on November 2 2015, Bush was playing for the San Francisco 49ers when he slipped on concrete that surrounded the St. Louis Rams (now LA Rams) field. When he slipped, he then crashed into the wall and tore his left meniscus ending his 2015-16 season. Bush sued the St. Louis Convention and Visitors Commission and called the surface “a concrete ring of death”.

Today, the Rams have been ordered to pay Bush $12.45 million in damages due to the knee injury. ESPN said the 33-year old was pleased.

“I’m very happy with the verdict. The people spoke and decided very fairly.”

A week before Bush’s 2015 injury, Cleveland Browns quarterback Josh McCown suffered an injured shoulder slipping on the same concrete. Rams have moved on since then.

Lets take it back to 2015 and watch the injury on Bush and McCown in the old Rams stadium on the next page.

9 thoughts on “Rams Have to Pay Reggie Bush a Whole Lot of Money Because of Their Former Crappy Stadium (Video)

  • Andre Eguavoen Billy Linson Jr everybody coming with an injury now

    • I told you he was gonna get that check back in our OCS days!! Took a few years tho but hell 😂

    • I don’t remember that happening as far as season ending

    • Yes bro he tore it! I said he’s about to get PAID

    • And 12 mil tho? He wasn’t even getting that in 2015

    • It was basically career ending for him tho. His argument was if he was healthy he could’ve played 3 more years. He was 30 at the time.

    • Yea make sense but still a reach. The judge was an USC alum and felt sorry for him bout the Heisman stuff 😂

    • Should’ve gave him his Heisman back too 😂

    • Right and give OJ all his merc back too might as well

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