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Something they can talk about over Thanksgiving dinner.

Injuries are piling up in the NFL. https://twitter.com/danwiederer/status/399971369779478528

From my perspective the majority of players in the NFL while trying to be politically correct in saying things about Jonathan Martin, seem to...

Ratliff healed up quick once he was released from Cowboys. https://twitter.com/Edwerderespn/status/396747220197715968

It looks like two former Cowboys defensive tackle Jay Ratliff is close to deciding to where he wants to resume his football career. According to...

Jay Ratliff continues to tell people that he plans to play this season, despite being released by Dallas for his inability to get healthy. Ian...

Once again, no one wants Tebow or VY. https://twitter.com/ZachZaidman/status/392352196899389440

You could tell by the way Cutler was walking after he was injured that it was pretty serious. https://twitter.com/JayGlazer/status/392341656587882496

Another big loss for Bears. https://twitter.com/SportsCenter/status/392329674677682176

It appears Meriweather will get suspended for a couple of games for more head hunting hits against the Bears, but Brandon Marshall wants it...