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Shawn Kemp was in a festive mood last night, and it had nothing to do with his playing career. The former Seattle Supersonics...

Even though the Maloofs are trying everything in their power to sell the team to Seattle, the NBA won't allow it to happen. https://twitter.com/ESPNSteinLine/status/334791566373822465

Crushing blow to the city of Seattle, but for the fans of the Sacramento, it appears the Kings are staying put for now. https://twitter.com/WindhorstESPN/status/328978281409957888 https://twitter.com/WindhorstESPN/status/328977356075188224

As you see from the sign they are not playing around in Seattle (he might be a little salty, just saying). But don't just take...

If we were to run a BlackSportsNation poll asking "Who are you rooting for in the NBA Finals?", it is safe to say that...