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Could this be the final Nike Puppet commercial? Some of us hope so. But only Nike knows how many they could continue to do. If only Shaq was signed by Nike...

Now, there's over 10 Puppet commercials...but this one, a celebrating Kobe and a bummed Lebron...may prove to be the last one.

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You would think Nike was upset and nearly doomed with the MVPuppets Campaign after Lebron was ousted by Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic, but Nike is finding ways to get creative with it. Here's a commercial spot that aired last night during Game 4 of the NBA Finals.

Think we have one or two more if Kobe wins it all?

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So Lebron is walking away after this weekend, and Kobe is looking at something else. His eyes lit up towards the end of his Game 6, as he knew he had another chance at a title. Still a challenging process, KB is in the Finals again at the expense of the Jazz, Rockets and Nuggets.

Will Lebron be watching the Finals? It's likely. But his e-mail buddy Dwight Howard will be playing and quite possibly be dominating the Lakers' big men. During the Conference Finals, Howard commented on his blog about how he's tired of the puppet commercials, and that he doesn't get any respect. First, he publicly complained about not getting the ball. A better solution? Tell your guards. Then he complained about Nike's puppet campaign. Another solution? Tell Adidas.

On that may very well be the end of the Nike Most Valuable Puppets Campaign. Looks like Lebron is moving out, and Mrs. Lewis is having her son move in. Entertaining as they were, here's a quick recap of all six commercials as well as some cameos on ESPN.

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We already know Kobe and Lebron are good friends. We've seen countless interviews, halftime specials of the Olympics, and hear how they talk about one another. It's not only a mutual respect, but from what we can see...or assume rather, they appear to be pretty close.

When the playoffs started this year, some people said that the playoffs were just going to be boring, and that it's just an anticipation of seeing Lebron and Kobe go at it that every one is waiting for. On the right side of the country, clearly the Cavs are far better than anybody else, and Lebron is simply stomping his way to the finals. Nobody is able to stop him or even remotely slow the beast down.

On the West, it seems to be a little bit of a struggle for Kobe and company. But that's their mode of operations, isn't it? While they still have a ways to go against Houston and Denver is becoming scarier and scarier for anyone in the L, Nike is launching a new playful commercial featuring 24 and 23.

It happens every year around this time. Everyone wants to see what shoes the NBA All-Stars are going to least, the Nike athletes (if I had some adidas contacts, I'd show you those).

I got the goods for you, and I'll give you a preview of one now, but there are two different shoes, so, as I always say...

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While BSO's Aamir Syed debates whether LeBron James will attempt to break Kobe Bryant's three-day-old Madison Square Garden single-game record of 61 points, just understand 'King James' will come in a taxi cab...Nike style...


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Let us first applause David Stern because he always seems to know what's going on months in advance before we do. Of course he knew that this year would be the season that Bron Bron would have an MVP season and be practically unstoppable this year. Of course he knew the Lakers would be the top team in the Western Conference halfway through the season. And he knew that Bynum would get injured to the same team and same month as he did last year. Stern knew it was only right to have the Lakers visit NYC the next game, so Kobe could take the sports' biggest stage and make sure the rest of the league knew that Kobe and Lakers aren't messing around even with Bynum gone. And of course David Stern knew this, so the only smart decision in the scheduling would be to have Lebron play the Kncks immediately after. (Let's also note that David Stern has the Lakers playing Toronto tonight, the team he scored 81 against seasons ago. Genius, I tell you. Genius. He already knew this would happen)

Oh, the media will eat this up. Be it ESPN, LA or Cleveland, somebody will say something. But you know New York is going to consume themselves in this.

Topic of conversation...Lebron is looking to beat Kobe's MSG record.

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We already know the starters for the NBA All-Star game this year. But let's re-cap:

F - Amare Stoudemire (PHO)
F - Tim Duncan (SAN)
C - Yao Ming (HOU)
G - Kobe Bryant (LAL)
G - Chris Paul (NOH)

F - Lebron James (CLE)
F - Kevin Garnett (BOS)
C - Dwight Howard (ORL)
G - Dwayne Wade (MIA)
G - Allen Iverson (DET)

Reserves have been announced today by the NBA, via TNT & ESPN.

F - Dirk Nowitzi (DAL)
F - David West (NOH)
F - Pau Gasol (LAL)
C - Shaquille O'Neal (PHO)
G - Chauncey Billups (DEN)
G - Brandon Roy (POR)
G - Tony Parker (SAN)

F - Danny Granger (IND)
F - Rashard Lews (ORL)
F - Paul Pierce (BOS)
C - Chris Bosh (TOR)
G - Joe Johnson (ATL)
G - Jameer Nelson (ORL)
G - Devin Harris (NJ)

Some regulars like Tracy McGrady, Vince Carter and co. aren't on the team this year, and is Carmelo Anthony an all-star snub? Lebron James thought that teammate Mo Williams was a sure for the All-Star game. There's a lot of talk that players on bad teams (Granger, Bosh and Harris) shouldn't be an All-Star because their teams aren't doing anything...out in LA, they called it the Elton Brand curse. EB rocked it year after year, but because he was on the Clippers, and there were so many other power forwards on the West in front of him, he never made it.

Other possible snubs: Andre Iguodala, Hedo Turkoglu, Kevin Durant, Al Jefferson, David Lee, Steve Nash, LaMarcus Aldridge, Antawn Jamison, Marcus Camby, Rip Hamilton & Ray Allen.

Oh yeah, Stephon Marbury is the biggest snub of the year.

Just kidding.

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Tuesday night, I wrote a quick story about Joe Johnson and Mike Bibby of the Atlanta Hawks wearing commemorative shoes by Nike of the presidential inauguration.

Well, Nike didn't want the public to go without, but they are available on a very limited basis. has the details of the limited availability of the new Air Jordan Pure Pressure, Inauguration Edition shoes.


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