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Conference Dominance

One thing I love about college football is debating which conferences are the best and which are the most overrated. When comparing conferences, I look at the quality wins over out of conference opponents for the top 3-4 teams in a conference which includes bowl games. I will gladly state that I am no college football expert, but I do notice that my predictions tend to be more accurate than any pundits on ESPN or FOX Sports.

The reason why my predictions come out correct is mostly due to my belief in conference strength. While I believe that any college football team can win any given Saturday (or Thursday), I feel that teams in tougher conferences are better prepared for these grueling battles.

The best non-conference matchup will once again be Ohio St. vs. USC. Hopefully Ohio State will show up this year, but I still give them much credit for playing such a tough out of conference team. When the top two teams of any conference play head to head, it becomes a must see game. Last year USC demolished Ohio St. then Penn St. in the Rose Bowl which was why the Pac-10 was superior to the Big 10, but this is a new season and Ohio St. has a much better chance to win this year. This game should be more entertaining than any BCS bowl game, including the national championship.

Georgia travels to Oklahoma St. this year, which shows that the SEC is willing to back up its claim that it is the best conference in the nation. Even though Florida has a cupcake schedule, the SEC earns its reputation on games like these. OK. St. is ranked top ten although I do not understand why, but Georgia will be looking to thrash the hype the same way they did to undefeated Hawaii in that 2008 bowl game. It is difficult to win any game on the road and Georgia will be looking to do so against a top ranked team in a hostile environment.

BYU plays against both Oklahoma and Florida St. this season. I believe one win against either of those teams shows why the top team in the Mountain West deserves a chance to play in a big bowl game at the end of the season, especially if the team goes undefeated like Utah did last season. Teams like BYU and Utah have had success year in and year out, but the BCS still refuses to acknowledge their track records because their conference is so weak.

The Big 12 needs to find a way to determine the best team in its conference because the three way split last season was a joke. It can be argued that Oklahoma was the 3rd best team in its conference, but somehow they were picked as the #2 team in the entire nation. I think the BCS system will be tossed when two teams from the Big 12 are slated to play in the national championship game.

College football should be exciting this year because the big schools will be looking to knock off Florida as the national champion and the BCS will once again have its hands full. Tim Tebow will be under a lot of pressure to show his QB skills so that he can play in the NFL, but this may hurt FLA during the season because they need Tebow to run the ball in order run the table. If FLA does not run the table, it allows top teams from other conferences to go after that #1 spot…