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Richard Jefferson taking a page out of Tony Romo’s book

Last month, Richard Jefferson left his bride-to-be Kesha Ni’cole Nichols at the altar and he was going to give her a six figure check to ease her pain. Well according to the NY Post, that’s not going to happen.

[quote]Just days after he boasted about how he intended to help Kesha Nichols ease into a fresh life without him, the former Net barred her from the Hudson Street apartment they had shared for a year — telling doormen she couldn’t even retrieve her belongings, sources said yesterday. [/quote]

Yep he goes and decides to pull a Tony Romo who blocked Jessica Simpson from his house(allegedly) after he kicked her to the curb.

Of course her girls are not thrilled with Richard right now especially since he’s not going to give her a dime after all.


[quote]Jefferson — who jettisoned his July 11 wedding by e-mail — has also reneged on the six-figure settlement he told The Post he was giving Nichols, her pals say.

“She is living out of a suitcase, in a hotel,” one disgusted girlfriend said. [/quote]

Regardless, Kesha has lawyered up so she can have access to the apartment and his belongings.

I must say Richard is pretty cold-blooded to do that and I believe she has a right to her stuff, however, I also can see why he would not trust an ex-girlfriend he left at the altar alone in his apartment. That’s a “I’m going to burn his crap like its Waiting to Exhale” moment waiting to happen.

However Richard and Kesha both claim its an amicable split and yet he does this(allegedly)? Something is rotten in the state of Denmark or should I say New Jersey.