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The Weekend That Was

As we eagerly anticipate the weekend ahead, lets reflect on the one we just experienced. Here is the Good, Bad, and Ugly from August 7th – August 9th.

The Good: NFL Hall of Fame Weekend

Thousands of die-hard fans made their way to Canton, Ohio to celebrate the NFL’s best this past weekend. Inductees Bob Hayes, Randall McDaniel, Bruce Smith, Derrick Thomas, Rod Woodson, Ralph Wilson Jr. were enshrined into the Hall of the greatest football players to ever play the game. Yes people, Football season has officially begun.

hall of fame

The Bad: Yankees/Red Sox/Ortiz


Although I do not consider myself a Baseball fan, the Sox/Yankees games this weekend were entertaining. Between A-Rod’s walk off, and the Yankees shifting the mental edge in their favor in the AL East, this series could be what shakes up this season.

As far as Ortiz….I dont know what to take from his conference. This “list” thing is making ZERO sense. The consistency of this situation is mind-boggling because they wont say the exact number of players, and what they tested positive for. As a sports fan, this cloud over MLB has me believing that it truly is America’s Greatest Pastime. And that isn’t a good thing.

The Ugly: UFC 101


After the hype and excitement of UFC 100, 101 didnt match the intensity. The much-hyped Anderson Silva vs. Forrest Griffin match was tragic. Anderson Silva straight up embarrassed Griffin. I think Griffin is the first fighter to tap out, without anyone actually touching him. Anderson Silva is a beast. Point Blank, PERIOD!

There you have it folks. My Good, Bad, and Ugly from last weekend. My early predictions for this weekend? Some MLB Drama. NFL Training Camp News. Vick makes a visit and/or signs with a team. Just a hunch.