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Wide Out?

First things first. I am excited that Football Season is upon us.

Apparently Roddy White of the Falcons and Michael Crabtree of the 49ers do not share my sentiments. Both of these guys are holding out due to, you guessed it, money.

For these guys to be receivers, they are catching some bad advice from advisers/agents/entourages/baby mamas/etc. Lets break this thing down BSO style.

roddy white

Roddy White wants Larry Fitzgerald money. Roddy White doesn’t even deserve Ella Fitzgerald money. The Falcons are well aware of what they have in Roddy White, which is why they refuse to meet his asking price. What has Roddy White done to jump from $2.28 Million to almost 10? Exactly. White isn’t even a top 15 Receiver. This is the same guy who was responsible for a lot of dropped balls that Mike Vick got blamed for. As a matter of fact $10 mil per year for Fitzgerald isn’t enough. Be thankful for what you have, play this season, and if you have a Pro Bowl season, then maybe. Right now? No sir.


And for the rookie Crabtree? He has missed OTA’s and is about to finish his second of week of not being in training camp. Reports from ESPN.com have his cousin and adviser stating that Crabtree will sit out the season if he doesn’t get the money he wants. Crabtree would then re-enter the draft in 2010. For real Mike? You were picked 10th, therefore, you should receive somewhere in that range.

Rookies are already overpaid, so why do we go through this every year? The NFL is only hurting itself by not having a rookie pay-scale. And truth be told, Roddy White is about to be extra mad because chances are that Crabtree’s contract will be higher than Fitzgerald’s.

Crabtree better live up to the billing he received, or he will go into that “classic” receiver fraternity that never quite caught on. Pun intended.