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You Ain’t Got To Lie Favre……….

“Trust me when I tell you that everything is ok, there is nothing to worry about.”

Approximately a decade ago, your BonaFide Sports Expert was just an average (well I was never average, but work with me here) student at The Ohio State University who was head over heels in love with his girlfriend.

By nature, we can sense when something is horribly wrong and we seek comfort from the person who is giving off that vibe. This happened to me with the aforemention college sweetheart. I took the bait and asked her “what’s wrong?” I remember looking in her eyes when she said:


Deep down I didn’t believe her, but I wanted to, so I just let it go. Two weeks later she was dating some guy from the Lacrosse team and my heart was broken into little pieces.

It wasn’t so much that she left me, it was more that she lied to me. She knew it was over when I asked the question, but she gave me false hope which made it in the end even more devastating.

So trust me, I understand how former fans of Brett Favre feel.
Fans can deal with a lot of things, but if you continue to tell them:


And break that trust over and over and over again how do you expect them to feel?

Brett Favre wanting to play doesn’t bother me. You only get one chance to play in the NFL. His attempts to extend that for as long as possible don’t surprise me, but the lies are annoying.

Brett Favre knew all along he was going to sign with the Minnesota Vikings and he played us all like a true “NoHo”.

If he would have been upfront and told the truth people wouldn’t look at him with disgust right now. We aren’t stupid we can read between the lines. Training camp is over and he has a miraculous change of heart?

Brett Favre coming back is equivalent to another New Edition reunion (with Bobby). We all love to reminiscence but the moves aren’t as crisp, the vocals aren’t quite up to par and Mr. Telephone just doesn’t do it for us like it use to.

Don’t be surprised if this sixteen game tour doesn’t last past week 8 and you can “trust me” on that.