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Bonnette’s Quick Hits

First, the yearly rehash

The BCS sucks, it’s unfair, etc……THEN DON’T WATCH IT!  I do this every year, and I’m doing it again.  The BCS will change when it is no longer a money maker.  Period, end of story.  When we stop watching the games, stop traveling cross country to support our schools when they make it, stop doing all of the things that make it a cash cow, then it will go away.  And not a moment sooner.  And if anyone thinks that TCU and Boise are that upset at being put into a BCS ghetto playing against each other instead of Florida or someone else….think again.  Each school is getting $17 million to play in the BCS.  Now that’s $17 million more than they used to get just three or four years ago.  You think the people who Boise State are mad that they’re getting a $17 million check because they’re not getting it to play Florida?  Yeah, right.

The worst thing that could happen for the Boises and TCUs of the world is a playoff; a few years of blowout losses and they’d be drummed out of serious contention for good.  Now they get to run up an undefeated record, beat a few good teams along the way, get a fat BCS paycheck, and argue a point that they’ll never have to actually prove.  Look, I want them to get their chance at a national title, but I have no illusion about their chances of actually winning one.  Could either team do well against overrated big name schools?  Sure.  But the team that actually wins the national title is usually legit, and they’d stand no chance there.  Would you take the best non-BCS team from the past few years over any recent national champion?  I sure wouldn’t.

Tiger is too big to fail

For the PGA, that is.  And Nike.  No matter what happens with the rest of his endorsements, you better believe that Nike isn’t dropping him.  He’s their golf business.  If he’s gone, or compromised beyond repair, they have no golf apparel sales.  OK, maybe people who are serious players will still by Nike golf attire, but as we all know there a major element of the golf watching public who are Tiger fans first and only.  We don’t give a damn one way or the other about Phil, Vijay, or anyone else on tour.  If Tiger’s done, we’re done.  John Daly spoke the truth on this a few weeks ago, and PGA commissioner Tim Finchem knows it too.

That’s why his sabbatical won’t be long.  If, in fact, Elin is divorcing him, then he could be back sooner than later.  With no marriage to repair, whether for him or for us, he can settle with Elin and get back to golf.  Seriously, he didn’t do anything illegal; there’s no arraignment or grand jury or trial date to hold him up.  And a word of advice: don’t go for the redemption thing.  If you’re getting divorced Tiger, don’t try to pull any ‘changed man’ routine on us later.  We know how you get down, so do you and call it a day.  Everyone, and I mean everyone, involved with you will be happier.

Goodbye Vinny Cerrato!

There was great rejoicing in Redskin land yesterday upon hearing the news that Vinny Cerrato would no longer be ruining, I mean running our football team anymore.  Vinny was an unmitigated disaster, and now the nightmare is over.  I’ll elaborate later on just how big of a failure his tenure was, but for now let us sing a song of gladness.  Vinny is gone!  Hooray!