Albert Haynesworth Being Sued For 10 Million Dollar by Pregnant Stripper Silvia Mena.. – BlackSportsOnline
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Albert Haynesworth Being Sued For 10 Million Dollar by Pregnant Stripper Silvia Mena..

The story is a familiar one.  Miss Mena, a stripper, goes down to Miami during Super Bowl week to find her a baller that would “Make it Rain” on her.  Haynesworth is the simp that falls in love with a stripper, T-Pain style.  He wines and dines her, and also decides to have sex with her without a condom (I am sure she didn’t mind).  Stripper gets pregnant and immediately Haynesworth disappears like he has on the football field, many times.  Stripper gets upset, sees how the “Tiger Style” girls got paid, hires a lawyer, and sues for ten million dollars.  These type of stories seem to happen every couple of weeks.  The New York Post has the details:

Washington Redskins star Albert Haynesworth is being sued for $10 million by a Brooklyn exotic dancer who claims he impregnated her — then abandoned her.

Mena, 25, alleges Haynesworth, 28, met her in Miami, romanced her during Super Bowl week, and invited her to his Tennessee home. She claims in the documents that after learning about the pregnancy, Haynesworth promised to “emotionally and financially support Silvia.” But, “after making such promises . . . Haynesworth has abandoned the pregnant Sylvia Mena . . . He has refused to provide any emotional or financial support of Silvia Mena or his unborn child.”

The papers read that Haynesworth’s assistant suggested Mena “seek treatment from an NFL physician.” But Mena feared “some effort might be made to purposefully make her lose the child,” the papers say.

Mena, who claims she has not heard from Haynesworth since late March, told us last night: “It is very stressful, I cry all the time.”

If the baby is indeed Haynesworth’s (which I assume is 50/50 at best), he needs to man up and take responsibility for being an idiot.  With that being said, 10 million dollars is quite a ridiculous amount of money to sue for, just because your baby daddy went AWOL.  You would think Miss Mena was a free agent Defensive Tackle that Daniel Snyder was going to overpay for.

I am assuming the ten million is just to get his attention so he can pay her off.

I don’t know when these athletes are going to learn that some (not all) ladies see them simply as a paycheck to a better life, and will do anything to make that happen.  I don’t particularly care if Haynesworth wants to wine and dine strippers, that is well within his right, but he has to be smarter about it.  Beyond the pregnancy, when you don’t wrap up you can leave yourself open to far more dangerous things than a baby.

Once again, in the immortal words of Jay-Z: