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Video: “We Are LeBron” Ohio Campaign

“We Are LeBron” Ohio Campaign To Keep LeBron James from BlackSportsOnline on Vimeo.

The state of Ohio is desperate for LeBron James to stay!  They got Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown and Governor Ted Strickland togetherwith fans for “We Are LeBron” which is a remake of “We Are The World”.

It is a “Satire” video meaning it isn’t real (because if it was real that would be pretty awful), but Cavs fans all over the world are adopting it as their “theme song.”

The whole LeBron saga reminds me of a guy whose girlfriend has just informed him they need to take a “break” because she just doesn’t know if the relationship is what she wants.

She is hot, so she has a lot of suitors, so the boyfriend – instead of just falling back and letting the chips fall where they may – goes into panic mode.

When he is in panic mode he starts to do all type of crazy stuff; sending roses everyday, writing poems, and singing outside of her window.

The one thing that the boyfriend doesn’t understand is nothing he can do is going to make his lady come back.  If she is going to come back, she is going to come back on her own.

Are you listening to me, Cleveland?