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Odds: Lebron James Cheats On Savannah Brinson While In South Beach..Pics

I always like to clear up what I like to call:


There is a misconception that I have something against “Basketball Wives”, but to the contrary I admire them (somewhat).

My issue has nothing to do with women who are side pieces, gold diggers or nohos because men allow those women to exist, so my issue is with the male species not the ladies.

Your manipulation skills have to be high to convince a man who has any choice of women, to “reggiewayne” on you or even married you.

Yes there are pitfalls in being in a serious relationship with an professional athlete, you have to deal with the cheating, the lies and the drama, but most women in that position feed off that anyway.

Trust me if I could married and/or be a Broho to a Kardashian or Serena Williams I would.

Such an easy gig, just get your picture taken, shop and play PS3 all day.  I need to be “Brohoin” with some female celebs.

What does this have to so with the King of South Beach?  Nothing really I just wanted to clear that up and post BenMaller.com odds on him cheating on his girlfriend  Savannah Brinson who is my second favorite BBall Lady behind Vanessa Bryant (ahhhhh Vanessa).

I like Savannah, mainly because she doesn’t seem to be an attention whore. She is very pretty and is working with some junk in the trunk, so I hope Lebron doesn’t get caught up.  Here are the odds:

Will a woman claim to have had an affair with LeBron James (whose longtime girlfriend Savannah Brinson is the mother of James’s two children) during the 2010-2011 NBA season?

Yes +150 (or 3 to 2)

No -175 (or 4 to 7)

Will LeBron James be detained by police in South Beach/Miami during the 2010-2011 NBA season?

Yes +175 (or 7 to 4)

No -200 (or 1 to 2)

I doubt Lebron has a problem with the police, but the +150 on a mistress coming out of the woodwork is an intriguing bet. I might put $100 of the NFL Chick’s money on that.

Here are a few pics of Savannah for your viewing pleasure.