DeSean Jackson on LaRon Landry: “He Said I’m Going to Put You Asleep Again” – BlackSportsOnline
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DeSean Jackson on LaRon Landry: “He Said I’m Going to Put You Asleep Again”

Some people say there are no rules when it comes to trash talking.  I am not one of those people.  There is a line and when those lines are crossed it should be pointed out.

There are always two sides of the story, but lets take a look at what Eagles WR DeSean Jackson had to say about the type of trash talk LaRon Landry was doing before the Monday Night Football game:

He brought up my concussion, and said, ‘I’m going to put you asleep again,’ ” said Jackson.

Landry’s comments led to a pregame skirmish, and some of Jackson’s teammates said Landry had gone way too far.

“Everybody trash talks, but there are certain things you talk about and certain things you don’t,” Eagles receiver Jeremy Maclin said. “In incidents where someone is really hurt, or life-changing incidents like that – you don’t talk about those type of things. Thirty was running at the mouth a little too much.”

Landry was also accused by Eagles center Mike McGlynn of spitting in his face:

“Landry came and spit in my face, and that fired us all up,” McGlynn said, per Philadelphia Sports Daily. “We were looking to really put the afterburners on them. It’s good to see that we came out and score 60 points, almost. We all want to play the game with all the respect in the world, but when you’re disrespectful like that. . . . I just think there has to be more respect for the game than that. It’s a terrible thing, and we said, ‘Let’s just keep pouring it on them.’ ”

I am going to take Jackson and Maclin at their word, because I don’t think they both would make something up like that. As far as the spitting that is harder to prove without visual evidence.

I agree with Maclin that there are certain things you don’t joke around about. The NFL says that it is about safety, but you still have guys like Landry who is playing the game to “put people to sleep”. Maybe Landry should visit some of the ex players who are dealing with debilitating post concussion syndrome, before his threatens to go head hunting.

It isn’t surprising that Landry while trying to deliver the “kill shot” all game was continually torched by the Eagles, as been his M.O. throughout his career.

He is a glorified Linebacker playing safety who is liability in coverage, he misses more tackles and assignments because he is always going for the knockout blow and it is the reason he won’t be in the league long.

Have some respect for the league, the other players and most importantly yourself.