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Mugshots: Saints’ Will Smith Arrested on Domestic Abuse on Wife Racquel

This is the same Will Smith who Fox was spotlighting on Thanksgiving as having a beautiful family.

Remember, you never know what is going on behind the scenes.

Here are the details:

According to the Lafayette Police Department, the Saints’ defensive tackle Will Smith was arrested after a dispute with his spouse became physical early Saturday morning.

Cpl. Paul Mouton, Lafayette police spokesman, said just after 2 a.m., officers were called about a disturbance on the 300 block of Jefferson Street in downtown Lafayette.

Smith allegedly grabbed his spouse by the hair, but she suffered minor to no injuries, Mouton said.

Smith was arrested on one count of domestic abuse battery, but did not remain in jail. He is out on a $1,000 bond.

Nothing says gentleman like grabbing females by the hair and man handling them.

There is always two sides to the story, but unless Smith’s life was in danger there is no reason to do that to you wife.  Especially when you are a defensive lineman in the NFL, that isn’t being a man, that is being a bully.

The fact that an officer saw it when Smith didn’t think anyone was looking makes you wonder what goes on behind closed doors in the Smith’s household.

Simply put just walk away, before you become national news two days after being shown as a “family man”.


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Mrs. Smith claims via twitter it was all a big “misunderstanding”, in related news Josh McDaniels knew nothing about spying on the 49ers..