Chargers WR Legedu Naanee Suspect in Street Brawl..Leaves Man Unconscious – BlackSportsOnline
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Chargers WR Legedu Naanee Suspect in Street Brawl..Leaves Man Unconscious

As always it is innocent until proven guilty and Naanee could have just been at the wrong place and the wrong time. But remember our checklist.

Alcohol + Late Night + Clubs = Bad situation waiting to happen.

Here are the details:

Officers arrived to a parking lot near Bar West at Cass and Hornblend Streets around 2:15 a.m. Monday after reports of a large fight involving several men.

Officers found one man unconscious. “The man didn’t regain consciousness the entire time officers were with him and he was transported to the hospital by paramedics,” said San Diego Lt. Todd Jarvis.

A witness called police and reported that San Diego Chargers player Legedu Naanee was among the suspects. However, police investigators said there are conflicting reports about who was there and the involvement of those people.

San Diego police investigators say they have talked to the San Diego Chargers and have told the team that they would like to talk with one Chargers player.They hope to interview that player Tuesday.

I am not saying that players should lock themselves in the house and never go out an enjoy themselves. All I am asking is that before something pops off  you think something is about to go down is to leave immediately.

If there is a street brawl going doing no Chargers player should have been within 200 yards of that to even be mistakenly identified.

These guys aren’t being smart.

Like it or not as athletes when these type of stories come out it is their name that is going to be in the headline, not the guy with works at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant.

Hopefully for Naanee he wasn’t dumb enough to be throwing blows in a street fight like Kimbo Slice, but you never know what these guys are thinking these days.


h/t @sportsmediaworld