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NCAA Investigating Cam Newton’s Father Cecil Church Finances

This doesn’t need to be investigated because if you just use some common sense you will know what is going on.

Cecil Newton has dreams of being Bishop Eddie Long without the Under Armour shirts, he didn’t have the money to do the things to his church that he wanted, so he decided to pimp his son for the necessary funds.

No one is even denying that.  The NCAA might as well stop their investigation, because they already decided to let Cameron and his dad off the hook and by the time they find the real evidence, Cameron will have enough money to buy 20 churches for his dad to be the next TD Jakes.

NCAA investigators have interviewed two Atlanta-area men Emory Wilcox and Eddie Norris about whether they were asked to or did deliver money to the father of Auburn quarterback Cameron Newton in connection with repairs to Cecil Newton Sr.’s church in Newnan, Ga.

Wilcox is listed as the contractor on a city permit issued last April for electrical work at the church. During an interview, he painted a picture of Cecil Newton as a man struggling with the finances needed to keep his church afloat.

“He didn’t appear to have money,” Wilcox said.

Before Wilcox got the permit, he called the man who recommended him to Newton.

“He told me, ‘You better watch him. Don’t let him again ahead of you on the money thing,’” Wilcox said. “His reputation wasn’t too good.”

Wilcox said he and one employee worked one day at the church last April and planned to finish the project the following day. But when they returned that next day, the city of Newnan had posted a stop-work notice on the church’s door.

“He wanted it to be a big ol’ church with a big daycare center,” Wilcox said. “He wanted to do all this stuff and I’m wondering, ‘Where you going to get all this money?

Shocking revelations right?

There are people who say that we shouldn’t be so hard on Cecil he was just looking out for his son.  That is ridiculous the person Cecil Newton was looking out for the most was Cecil Newton.

Cameron by most accounts seems like a pretty good kid, he has had some questionable moments in his past that I am willing to give him a pass on, but seems like he is on the straight and narrow now.

I don’t expect him to cut his father out of his life, but he better be leery of his pops once 20 million from the NFL is deposited in his bank account.