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Barry Bond’s Ex-Mistress Kimberly Bell To Testify Against Him

Later today Barry Bonds mistress Kimberly Bell is slated to testify against him in his perjury trial. There is just so much wrong with this! First how much credibility do you give to someone who is an ex mistress?

You willfully had an affair with a man knowing he was married an all of a sudden you’re supposed to be a trustworthy witness? As a juror what would lead me to believe that you’re not just a scorned side chick? Secondly she’s going to testify that she witnessed physical and mental changes that prosecutors associate with steroid use.

What kind of eye witness testimony is this? She’s not a doctor or affiliated with the medical field so where is her credibility. I will say that after being with someone for 9 years you may notice some changes in them, but once again she is an EX-mistress. She was a 9 year side chick that had a failed palimony action against Barry and probably feels like she was stiffed.

This sounds like a classic example of a woman scorned. Things between her and Barry hit the fan, she didn’t get the money she felt she deserved and now she’s testifying against him in federal court. Let this be a lesson to all you athletes about what kind of side chick not to have. Make sure they know their role before the relationship and after the relationship.

Kimberly Bell plans to testify that Bonds told her before the 2000 Major League Baseball season that he used steroids and that she witnessed physical and mental changes prosecutors attribute to performance-enhancing drug use. Her most contentious testimony is expected to include allegations that Bonds’ testicles shrank.

Here are some of the other things she said on the stand today.

Called by federal prosecutors to the witness stand in Bonds’ perjury trial, Kimberly Bell said that she asked Bonds about the problem with his left elbow, which she described as “a big lump … it looked awful.”

She testified that Bonds responded by saying his steroid use caused the injury, because the muscle and tendons grew too fast for the joint to handle.

“It blew out,” she said.

She also said that Bonds talked about the widespread use of steroids among baseball players, including his suspicion that Mark McGwire was juicing during his assault on the single-season home run record in 1998 — a mark that Bonds later broke.

“He was increasingly aggressive, irritable, agitated and very impatient,” said Bell, dressed conservatively in a gray jacket and white shirt.

She choked up as she testified that Bonds verbally abused her starting in 1999, threatening “to cut my head off and leave me in a ditch.” Bell alleged that Bonds threatened that “he would cut out my breast implants because he paid for them.”