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BSO Model of the Week: Elease Donovan

Each week, BlackSportsOnline will profile a young lady who is doing big things in the world of modeling an other entertainment or professional industries. At the end of the year there will be a vote for the BSO Model of the Year.

Elease Donovan

1- How did you get into modeling?

Getting into modeling was never something I was interested in. My mom is a former beauty queen, so it was always her dream to follow in her footsteps. At the age of 17 she brought me to a model search for the clothing line Ecko and made it as a finalist. Unfortunately I didn’t win the competition but it opened many modeling opportunities for me afterward.

2- On your twitter page you describe yourself as Socialite, I know that has different meaning to different people, what is your definition?

I refer to myself as a “socialite” only because I’m well known in my social scene here in Miami and I know everyone.

3- What type of sports are you into and did you ever play any?

Growing up I was always into sports. I ran track, played volleyball and tennis which I still do to keep in shape.

4- You are also a designer and stylist tell us a little bit about that work?

My work as a stylist consists of many things. Everything from putting together specific garments and accessories for just about any event. Rearranging my client’s closet and wardrobe by removing outdated garments, searching for items that will complement their figure and personal shopping. I have a swimwear line in the works, with that project I design all the swimsuits myself. When it comes to constructing the swimsuit, I have a seamstress that makes the samples for me.

5- What are your thoughts on social media? How does it best serve you?

Social media is a great thing especially for entertainers and models. It allows you to promote yourself, to people all over the world. It best serves me because it allows me to post pictures and get booked for jobs. without having to physically attend a casting call.

6- How do you fight the stereotype that you are just another pretty face?

Not only am I a pretty face but I’m a smart woman, and I have goals in life. These days just having looks will only get you so far. It’s sad that some women think they can go through life with just that, but you need to have ambition.

7- Being a “model” is as common as someone saying they are a “Rapper”, how do you stand out from the crowd?

Being a model is very common these days but no two models are ever the same. We all bring something different to this industry. In my opinion we all stand out from the crowd, not just myself. We are all unique.

8- In 2011 what should we be looking for from you?

2011 is my year and you will be seeing a lot of me. From the magazine covers to the runway, I hope to be everywhere.

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Elease Donovan